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Shandong Rivast Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd. is established in 2014.It is a modern high-tech enterprise which commitment to air conditioning,ventilation and smoke exhaust equipment,combined type water tank and FRP products research and design,manufacturing,sales,installation and after-sales service. The company is located in Dezhou city,Shandong province,the traffic is very convenient...


  • Main business

    Advanced production equipment, sophisticated detection equipment to ensure product quality and stability, the first inspection pass rate of more than 97%, customer satisfaction more than 87%.

  • Reasonable price

    We advocate the value, the price of products is an important embodiment of value, we provide customers with reasonable prices, to enhance the competitive advantage of customers in the market.

  • Prompt delivery

    "Push forward" delivery process, improve the logistics system to ensure on-time delivery, to meet the customer's market demand!

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