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With everyone in-depth understanding of fan coil performance


Fan coil as the ideal central air conditioning end products, by the people welcome, mainly by the heat exchanger, water pipes, filters, fans, water tray, exhaust valve and bracket composition, the working principle is the unit constantly Circulate the room or outdoor air, so that the air through the cold water (hot water) coil is cooled (heated) to keep the room temperature constant.

With the continuous development of fan coil technology, application areas are more and more widely, and now the main application areas are offices, hospitals, shopping malls and other places, the fan coil is mainly by relying on the mandatory force of the fan, Effect to achieve the desired effect. Fan coil supply, return water temperature difference must be, the higher the water supply temperature, the greater the amount of cooling reduction, dehumidification capacity decline.

The cooling pan of the fan coil is molded by the molding process. No weld, solder joint and fireproof material. The insulation material of the fire pipe is connected with the water tray. The volume of the fan is small: the design of the body is simple and the installation of the line is simple, Return air way can be changed at any time to meet the scene situation The unit can be installed in any space, the fan coil high efficiency: advanced expansion tube process to ensure that the heat exchanger copper and aluminum foil in close contact, good heat transfer; Coil noise is low: a reasonable fan and air flow structure design, high-quality sound-absorbing insulation materials; fan coil low energy consumption: fan and heat exchanger reasonable match.