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Application Performance of Centrifugal Chiller


Centrifugal chiller working principle is the use of electricity as a power source, freon refrigerant evaporative in the evaporator to absorb the heat of cold water to cool, evaporative heat of the freon vapor after the compressor is compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas, water Condenser condensed into a liquid, through the expansion valve throttling into the evaporator recycling. To produce 7 ℃ -12 ℃ chilled water for air conditioning end air conditioning.

Centrifugal chiller in the work of high-speed rotation of the blade, the speed changes in pressure. For the speed of the compressor. Features are less moving parts, low failure rate, high reliability, high performance coefficient, generally more than 5.0. 30% load operation can achieve stepless adjustment, energy saving effect is more obvious.

Centrifugal chiller cooling capacity is mainly caused by the water quality: the unit of the condenser and evaporator are heat exchangers, such as heat pipe wall fouling, the unit cooling capacity decreased, but the condenser and evaporator in the factory design process , Has been considered easy to clean, the cooling capacity with the use of long time, very little cooling capacity, almost no.

Centrifugal compressor uniform life of 75000 hours, the unit freon and oil has been added, the user can access the scene on the water. Unit without overhaul, only the water system cleaning, maintenance costs low.