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Maintenance and repair of stainless steel water tank


Stainless steel tank in the use of the process, it is recommended that you regularly check and maintain, so as to ensure the normal use of the device, and will effectively extend the service life, the following Xiaobian and we detailed about the regular inspection and maintenance of stainless steel tank The

Stainless steel tank in the inspection process should first observe the tank, the external main parts and accessories use, such as box

There are bumps, scratches will appear rust, should be wiped with a soft cloth can be waxed, followed by stainless steel tank is the bottom of the bottom of the stent to be overhauled and found rust to be re-rust treatment, serious need to be replaced; The water tank is usually cleaned and maintained twice a year to keep the water inside the tank clean, protect the water tank; stainless steel tank cleaning and maintenance before closing the inlet valve, open the sewage hole plug or valve, so that the water tank drain; Or wipes the tank around the bottom and the bottom of the cleaning, the bottom of the serious dirt, and can be used soft towel plus detergent scrub; longer use of the tank must be cleaned dirty, open the water valve, put the appropriate amount of water to wash the wall and the bottom of the wall Drain from the sewage outfall, if necessary, can be repeated several times until the satisfaction so far, tighten the sewage plug, open the water valve, so that the tank re-filled with water, cleaning the end of the water tank can be used directly.