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Introduction of the work style of fresh air ventilator


The main application of fresh air ventilator is a place where people gather more intensive, such as restaurants, conference rooms, laboratories, hospitals, cinemas, shopping malls, gymnasiums, Internet cafes and other occasions, mainly because of its working principle is to use the whole heat exchanger The indoor dirty air and outdoor into the fresh air through the exchange of heat exchange board temperature, while the exchange of humidity through the micropores on the board, so as to achieve both ventilation and maintain the indoor temperature and humidity stability effect. This is the whole heat exchange process.

When the whole heat exchanger is operated during the summer cooling period, the fresh air obtains the cooling capacity from the exhaust air, reduces the temperature and is exhausted to reduce the fresh air humidity. When the winter is running, the fresh air gets the heat from the exhaust The temperature rises, while being exhausted and humidified. Is a kind of outdoor fresh gas after filtration, purification, heat exchange treatment into the room, while the indoor pollution of harmful gases through the filter, purification. Heat exchange treatment after the discharge outdoors, and the indoor temperature is basically not affected by the new wind energy efficient, environmentally friendly high-tech products. Fresh air ventilation machine mainly by the heat exchange system, power system, filtration system, control system, noise reduction system and box composition. With the improvement of people's material life, the indoor air quality requirements are significantly improved, so regular, quantitative and organized ventilation has been more and more attention, has become an important indicator of the evaluation of the indoor environment grade.