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What are the requirements of hot galvanized water tank in the installation


Hot-dip galvanized water tank before the installation of the proposed first familiar with the installation process to master, so as to avoid errors in the installation process, resulting in unnecessary trouble, the following Xiaobian and we share the hot galvanized water tank in the installation of what requirements.

Hot-dip galvanized water tank is mainly made of high-quality Q235 steel stamping, the formation of 1000 × 1000,1000 × 500,500 × 500 and other standard plate after hot dip galvanized after the formation of galvanized water tank board, the installation of the box and the wall Between the bottom of the box is not less than 500 mm, the civil construction of the first to do the pier, the water tank around the box and the bottom of the unit between the plate joints to be located in the support pier, after assembly Close the outlet pipe and drain pipe, open the water inlet pipe, while the water side of the water to check to full of water, twenty-four hours without leakage as qualified. In the installation process should be careful not to piping into the outlet to exert excessive load, do not put the weight of the valve and large diameter pipe directly to the tank outlet, if necessary, set the pipe support, the expansion of the pipe, shrink, vibration must Stretch flexible joint.