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Foreign customer Linus to visit the company

Writer:Shandong RivastaircSource:Shandong Rivastairc Date:2017-03-18
Foreign customers Linus to our company conducted a study, we have done a detailed and specific reception work, so that customer satisfaction and return.
The company in a good time to meet with customers after a specific meeting time, began to actively prepare for the work. Our company leaders in advance to the customer order products for factory inspection, the production of the product processing, packaging and customer requirements to check one by one, to ensure that customers ordered the goods none
Loss, so 100% customer satisfaction. Our company on March 16, 2017, the company leaders with the staff at Jinan Airport to meet foreign guests, warm and friendly to meet the Linus, so that customers feel at home.
After arriving in Texas, the company's leaders and employees linus visited the company's factory, the production process of the product has a specific understanding of the order of the production is very satisfied with the company's sales of other products also have a detailed understanding , The company's attitude and excellent work praise
Mouth, and with the company to reach a more long-term cooperation intention.
After all the inspections were completed, we sent Linus, a foreign customer, to Jinan Airport, successfully completed the day's work. Afterwards, our company had a friendly interaction and contact with Linus, and was ready for another cooperation.

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